Jenny Anderson,

About Me

I believe everyone is unique and holds their own stories and experiences that shape them.

My experience of studying counselling and psychotherapy shaped my understanding of what lies at the heart of therapy which I believe is Nurture, Growth and Stability. Nurture through compassion, Growth through discovering and learning and Stability through feeling grounded and safe, which for me, reflects the image of green ivy and where the name Green Ivy Counselling comes from.

My own personal experience of counselling and overcoming adversity is why I want to give something back to others who are in need of compassion and support. I know how life-changing it can be, but also how difficult it can be to take that first step.

I strive to offer the best service I can to all my clients which is why I am committed to my own personal and professional development. To ensure my work is ethical and of a high standard, I am a member of the professional bodies BACP and COSCA and follow their code of good practice. I receive monthly clinical supervision and attend numerous CPD events and workshops to keep up to date with current research and findings.

Before starting my counselling journey, I worked in the voluntary sector helping to integrate those with disabilities into the community. I spent 4 years supporting people on a charity helpline and currently volunteer as a counsellor for a health charity.

I believe there is nothing you can invest in more than the relationship you have with yourself alongside your physical, psychological, and emotional wellbeing. One way of achieving this might involve exploring different functioning parts. For example, we might uncover a part of us that needs acceptance and compassion, there may be a part we are ashamed of or perhaps we have neglected a part that needs encouragement to flourish and grow. It is a consideration that when we start to accept all our parts we begin to grow into our authentic selves. It is only when we move out of this awareness that dysfunctions like stress, anxiety, and depression occur. Greater self-awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance are just some of the life changing gifts you can learn to give yourself.

My Training and Experiences

I am a fully qualified counsellor with a Masters in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy from Abertay University. I hold experience in a broad range of issues and have worked with clients from a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and cultures. I am open and accepting of all lifestyles and choices.

I have personal experience with ADHD and hold an interest in working within this field having attended various workshops and training as well as my own research. I know at first hand some of the difficulties and challenges it can present, including underlying symptoms that often go unseen.

I aspire in creating a safe space for my clients to be their authentic selves without judgement. I believe each client needs time and patience to tell their story in the manner that suits them best. I know from personal experience how daunting it can feel to take that first step, which is why it is always a privilege and honour to work with all my clients.